Pharmacy Careers

Pharmacists with the Health Alliance work in supportive and collaborative hospital pharmacies where emphasis is put on teamwork and communication. Our pharmacists develop professional and personal relationships within the Health Alliance’s broad network of health care associates. This sense of community allows our associates to provide quality care for patients while also developing one of the best working environments in the city.

Pharmacists with the Health Alliance provide complete and comprehensive pharmaceutical service to all areas of our hospitals. They are responsible for medication order review, proper storage for drug stability, knowledge of incompatibilities, as well as supervision of interns and technicians in the areas of unit dose distribution, IV admixtures, and floor stock distribution.

Associates in the field of pharmacy have extensive opportunities to work in the hospitals with doctors, nurses, and patients. These frequent interactions create a team work ethic and associates depend on one another for support and guidance. Working in this type of collaborative environment positively impacts everyone, most importantly the patients.

Applications are always encouraged as our needs change and we continue to expand our capabilities. Education, experience and certification requirements vary between positions, so please check back often for current open positions and eligibility specifications.