What is endoscopy?

Endoscopy is a process that allows physicians to better examine the body’s passageways, including the esophagus, stomach, colon, etc. Through a piece of equipment known as an endoscope, the doctor can directly look at specific areas to better evaluate and detect problems.

The Christ Hospital endoscopy unit performs many different procedures such as upper endoscopy (EGD), colonscopy, bronchoscopy, liver biopsy and others. Most of these procedures require sedation and a short recovery period. The patient should expect to spend about two hours in the endoscopy unit. The preparation for these tests are explained by physicians.

Registration and consent

The admitting department will call the patient prior to the procedure date and begin the registration process. A signed consent is necessary before the procedure can be performed. The patient will sign one consent form at the registration desk and another in the endoscopy unit. A parent or guardian must sign the consent form for minors. The patient needs to bring insurance information (cards or forms) and their Social Security number to register.

The Day of the procedure

The endoscopy unit of The Christ Hospital opens at 7 a.m. Most patients are asked to arrive one hour before the scheduled procedure time. The patient should bring a list of any medications they are currently taking.

Family members

Family members are welcome and may wait for you in the designated waiting area. After the procedure is complete, one family member will be permitted to be with you in the recovery area. If family members leave the endoscopy unit, they should sign out on the designated log to make locating them easier if necessary.

Important information about the ride home

After the procedure, the patient may experience temporary side effects which can include drowsiness and soreness. It is very important that they arrange for transportation home.The procedure will not be performed if they do not have someone to drive home. If they are unable to arrange for a designated driver, and only if accompanied by an adult, a cab ride is permissible. Bus rides are not acceptable.

After you are home

The patient should follow their doctor’s instructions concerning medication and diet. A short instruction sheet will be sent home with them outlining things to watch for and any special instructions. If the patient has any problems, they should contact their physician.


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