We’re pleased that you’re interested in becoming an associate. Working in the healthcare arena is both challenging and rewarding.

Our hospitals have some of the newest medical technology including:

  • The nation’s largest cardiovascular state-of-the-art system, VERICIS Cardiology Integrated Cardiovascular Repository. It is the first of its kind in the U.S. that has the ability to display test results from both cardiac catherteriztion labs and echocardiography labs simultaneously.
  • The area’s fastest computerized tomography (CT) scanner with the ability to produce multiple cross-section images of the body as thin as half a millimeter.
  • The latest mammography technology. The R2ImageChecker helps identify areas on a mammogram that warrant a second review by a radiologist and the first and only state-of-the-art full-field digital mammography system in the region, the Senographe 200D, which produces X-ray images of the breast through computerization rather than on film.
  • Lexar, the world’s first stereotactic radiotherapy system (SRT). The LEXAR system is the world’s only integrated system for both SRT and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) treatments for targets in the body.

As you can see, we are committed to providing the best tools available to help ensure our patients’ health, safety, and well being.

The Health Alliance is proud to be the largest health care system in the Tristate with six highly recognized hospitals, and the physicians of Alliance Primary Care.

We offer one of the best benefits packages in town to assist our associates in achieving a balance in their personal and work lives. We also provide unique lifestyle benefits including tuition reimbursement, flexible scheduling options, business casual dress code and health care scholarship opportunities.

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