Areas of Expertise

Sports Injuries/Rehabilitation

Spectrum Rehabilitation treats a wide variety of professional, competitive and recreational athletes. We offer rehabilitation and physical therapy services to several professional teams and to more than 20 local high schools and colleges. Through these affiliations, we are experienced at evaluating and rehabilitating athletic injuries and apply these same skills to you.

The Sports Medicine Institute of The Christ Hospital

The Sports Medicine Institute of the Christ Hospital provides athletic training covering to area high schools, colleges and various athletic events. The Institute specifically focuses on prevention, treatment, evaluation, rehabilitation and performance enhancement of injured athletes at all levels. In addition, the Institute offers numerous educational therapists and athletic trainers.

Spinal Therapy

Spectrum’s back program emphasizes the importance of proper posture and body mechanics in relation to having a healthy back. Our goal is to provide long-term rehabilitation and education for prevention of future back and neck problems. We incorporate work simulation and conditioning in your treatment plan. Some services offered to spinal rehabilitation patients include postoperative lumbar stabilization exercises. Additionally, Spectrum utilizes the MEDX back testing equipment, which is designed to strengthen and test a person’s spinal muscles.

Hand Therapy

We provide comprehensive services for patients with hand injury, post operative surgical conditions or other hand diagnosis. We have Certified Hand Therapists available at our locations. In addition, we provide a thorough evaluation and treatment that may include therapeutic exercise, splinting, functional activities, education, modalities, work conditioning and family training.

Performing Arts Medicine

Spectrum Rehabilitation has a performing arts medicine team, which includes a specialist in orthopedic medicine, physical therapy, hand therapy and dance rehabilitation. As consultants to the Ballet, we are able to address the special health and physical concerns of dancers, which include acute and chronic injuries, preventative medicine, nutrition, general conditioning and career transition. Spectrum’s performing arts program also works with the University of Dance Department, the School of Creative and Performing Arts and the Aronoff Center for the Arts.

As one of the first medical facilities in the United States to acquire special rehabilitation equipment, we are able to help athletes and dancers of all varieties to speed their recovery processes by conditioning healthy muscles and strengthening injured one. This rehabilitation and conditioning program is based on the works of Joseph Pilates.

Click here for more details about the Performing Arts Medicine Program.

Golf Fitness Program

Spectrum’s Golf Fitness Program is designed to prepare the golfer to increase his or her physical ability to play the game of golf. This program uses an integration of stretching, strengthening and stabilization of golf-specific muscles and joints to increase the participant’s driving distance and accuracy and decrease the risk of injury.


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