Health Allience Transplant Recipients

Their Extraordinary Stories

Hundreds of organ transplant patients come through the doors of our hospitals each year, and each patient has a unique, personal story to tell. The following stories narrate the transplantation process for each patient – from the time the patient became ill to their recovery from the transplant. The stories also reveal some of the thoughts and feelings our patients had as they progressed through the transplantation process.

To read the extraordinary stories of our patients, click on the links below. It is our hope that their stories are an inspiration and encouragement to all organ transplant patients.

Living Life to the Fullest

Successful Liver Transplant Recipient

B was just 44 years old when doctors found a cancerous tumor in his liver. The doctors removed the tumor on April 30, 1998. However, B was told he would also need a liver transplant in order to survive.

The Christmas Wish

Successful Kidney Transplant Recipient

After suffering from chronic headaches for some time, J’s mother, L, asked him to visit a doctor for her Christmas present in December 1995. J agreed and soon made an appointment. He walked into the doctor’s office one man and came out a completely different one.

A Five-Time Champion

Successful Kidney Transplant Recipient

For 24 years, A lived with a kidney disorder that was diagnosed during a routine physical exam. The doctor told A that he could delay the onset of end stage renal failure if he quit smoking and lost weight. A quit smoking, embraced a healthier diet and engaged in a regular physical fitness routine. However, the kidney disorder did not go away.

Between Father and Son

Successful Living Related Liver Donation

I and H have a very special relationship. In 1979, H gave his son life, and 20 years later he had the opportunity to do the same once again. In 1999, H became the second living related liver donor. H was given the opportunity to give his son, I, a very special gift–a future.

Surviving Genetic Kidney Disease

Successful Kidney Transplant Recipient

Breast cancer screening through mammography is a great example. P was not surprised when doctors diagnosed her with polycystic kidney disease at the age of 22. That’s because P’s mother and aunt both died from the genetic disease that causes fluid-filled cysts to grow in the kidneys.

Family Ties

Kidney Transplant Survivor and Donor

C, along with his two brothers and sister, suffered from low blood pressure. In 1993, after more than ten years of battling the disease, C was forced to have one of his damaged kidneys removed. A few years later C began dialysis, because his remaining kidney could no longer function on its own.

Beating the Odds Again and Again

Successful Heart Transplant Recipient

D’s life is an inspiration of courage and survival, and her story gives new meaning to the word “survivor.” It was Valentine’s Day in 1996 when D, eight months pregnant with her second child, found a cancerous lump in her breast. Three days later, she gave birth to her son, M.

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