Organ Transplant Support Groups

Liver Transplantation

Tri-State Liver Transplant Support Group


To provide support and information to liver transplant patients, including transplant recipients and those waiting for a transplant, and their families and to promote organ donation.


The group was formed as a non-profit, volunteer-based support group for liver transplant patients in 1997 by The University Hospital liver transplant patients. The members include transplant recipients, those waiting for transplants, transplant patients’ families, medical personnel members and those who are interested in promoting transplantation and organ donation.

Meeting Schedule

1st Monday of even months (Feb., April, etc.)

6:30 pm at The University Hospital

Heart Transplantation

Change of Heart Support Group


To provide support and encouragement to heart transplant recipients and heart failure candidates awaiting transplants and their families through prayer, volunteer service, heart failure and transplant education, social activities and financial aid.


The support group was created in June 1993. Transplant recipients T and the late D were the founders of the group. Up until 1999, the group was strictly for heart transplant recipients, but in 1999 the group opened its doors to heart failure patients and patients undergoing clinical heart research studies.

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