Center for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills

The University Hospital C-STARS, a joint program between the hospital and the Air Force offering training for military medical personnel in the areas of trauma and critical care, is the third program of its kind in the nation.

During the 1990s, realignment of U.S. military resources forced many military bases to close, resulting in the loss of the military medical facilities needed to keep personnel current in critical medical skills. To address this problem, the Air Force created the C-STARS program, enabling Air Force health care providers to refresh their skills by working side-by-side with their civilian colleagues treating trauma and critical care patients. The University Hospital was chosen to sponsor the C-STARS program due to its national reputation as a teaching hospital and the high volume of trauma and critical care patients treated every year.

Ten months out of the year, eight to 12 Air Force health care professionals will spend 14 days rotating through one of two C-STARS courses at The University Hospital. One course is directed at Air Force medical personnel who provide ground support for deployed military operations. These participants will learn from trauma service providers at The University Hospital.

The other course is designed for medical personnel assigned to the Air Force’s Critical Care Air Transport Teams (CCATT). The emphasis of CCATT training is on critical care, and participants will rotate throughout the intensive care units of the hospital. The CCATT team will also work with the Fire Department’s first responder units and will participate in a field exercise at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

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