Adult Sickle Cell Center

At The University Hospital Adult Sickle Cell Center, we understand the difference between sickle cell medical care for children and the medical care needed for adults. We provide the help needed for adults and young adults to understand and make the transition to adult care and provide comprehensive care as you become older.

Sickle Cell disease

Sickle Cell disease is a group of genetic oxygen dependent disorders characterized by an alteration in hemoglobin. Common types of Sickle Cell disease nclude:

  • Hemoglobin (SS)
  • Hemoglobin Sickle C disease (SC)
  • Sickle beta zero thalassemia
  • Sickle beta plus thalessemia

Perhaps you should be tested

Certain hemoglobin types can cause significant health problems. These conditions can be inherited or passed directly from the parents to the child at the time of conception. At the Adult Sickle Cell Center, we test individuals for Sickle Cell traits with results available within 24 to 48 hours.

The best possible care

Making choices can sometimes be difficult and you will want to make sure you receive the best of care. As a patient at the Adult Sickle Cell Center, you will have access to health care provided by a team of medical professionals in a caring and confidential setting. Your health care team includes physicians, nurses and social workers to help you with the emotional aspects of Sickle Cell disease. The physicians who provide medical care at the Adult Sickle Cell Center are faculty members of the College of Medicine. These are highly trained specialists who are physicians, teachers and researchers.

As a patient of this center you will have access to the most current health care and medical treatment available. Clinical research allows you to have access to new treatments through clinical trials. This may be treatment unavailable elsewhere.

Comprehensive evaluation and treatment includes personal and immediate care. No one wants complications, but if you do experience urgent health problems, our caring staff provides immediate care.

Education is an important part of taking good care of you. As part of an academic institution the Adult Sickle Cell Center provides the education you need to help you manage your disease.

Our staff understands the pain that may accompany Sickle Cell disease and knows that everyone’s pain is different based upon their disease progress. Therefore, we treat each painful episode on an individual basis and we are there when you need us.

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