Center for Emergency Care

If you have a medical emergency, The University Hospital Center for Emergency Care is the place to go.

The only verified Level I trauma center in the area that treats adult patients, The University Hospital has met rigorous national standards and is capable of handling complex multi-system trauma. It is also the home of University Air Care, the area’s only dedicated helicopter ambulance service, which has provided more than 20,000 flights for critically ill or injured patients within a 150-mile radius.

In addition to providing state-of-the-art critical care facilities, the Center for Emergency Care also includes an urgent care center for the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, as well as many other emergency services that few other local hospitals provide.

The University Hospital Center for Emergency Care Services

Burn Walk-in Center�The University Hospital provides fast, expert burn care to patients with minor burn injuries. When burn patients come to The University Hospital Center for Emergency Care, their burns will be evaluated and referred to the appropriate department for treatment. Walk-in Center services are provided Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The University Hospital’s Burns Special Care Unit is the only adult burn center that is verified by the American College of Surgeons (ACOS) Committee on Trauma and by the American Burn Association. This verification recognizes the burn center’s commitment to providing the highest quality care for all burn patients, from the time they enter the emergency department to the rehabilitation process.

Center for Hyperbaric Medicine�The only center of its kind in the Tristate, the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine is available 24 hours a day for the treatment of many conditions, including carbon monoxide poisoning and difficult wounds. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients lie comfortably in a clear acrylic hyperbaric oxygen chamber and breathe 100 percent pure oxygen. Exposing patients to increased levels of oxygen helps eliminate some harmful toxins from the body, facilitates wound healing, helps fight infection and encourages growth of new blood vessels in injured body tissues.

Emergency Social Work Services�We provide around the clock immediate care to patients and family members admitted through The University Hospital’s Center for Emergency Care, and we offer comprehensive counseling and crisis intervention services. Our highly trained and experienced staff also has special expertise in working with sexual assault victims.

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)�The University Hospital also has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who evaluate patients with psychiatric emergencies and provide services for individuals in crisis and those experiencing suicidal and/or homicidal feelings. Located right in the Center for Emergency Care, PES is open 24 hours a day. A mobile crises team is also available around the clock to respond to psychiatric emergency situations. For patients who require a stay in the hospital, The University Hospital also offers a dedicated psychiatric inpatient unit.

Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment Center�This area of the emergency department is for patients who require extended emergency diagnostics, evaluation and treatment.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Program (SANE)�The University Hospital provides professional, comprehensive and compassionate care to survivors of sexual assault. With the use of the newest technology and education, our specially trained SANE nurses provide evidence to law enforcement and prosecutors to assist in the arrest and prosecution of rapists.

Stroke Treatment�The University Hospital Center for Emergency Care is a leader in the battle against stroke. Several of the hospital’s emergency medicine physicians are members of the Stroke Team, which has made major contributions in the areas of stroke treatment and prevention. The team provides acute stroke care for the entire region at all local hospitals.

Decontamination Room�The University Hospital Center for Emergency Care is equipped with a decontamination room for patients involved in chemical spills or who have highly infectious diseases. EMS providers can bring patients into the decontamination room through a special entrance so they do not affect other patients.

University Air Care

University Air Care, the area’s only dedicated helicopter ambulance service, delivers superior care while saving precious seconds that often mean the difference between life and death. Since 1984, Air Care has provided more than 20,000 life-saving transports to patients within a 150-mile radius and beyond. It was among the first 50 programs of its kind to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS), and is one of the rare few to receive accreditation with commendation.

One of Air Care’s two twin-engine helicopters is based at The University Hospital, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides service to the entire region and beyond. A second University Air Care helicopter is based at the County Regional Airport every day from noon to midnight in an effort to provide even quicker air medical transport services to the communities in and around Butler and Warren counties.

An emergency medicine physician and an experienced flight nurse are on every patient flight to ensure safe, quality patient care. Less than five percent of current flight programs utilize this type of patient care team, making University Air Care unique from other services across the country.

Mobile Care

In addition to air medical transport services, the Health Alliance provides ground ambulance transportation for critically ill and injured patients, as well as inter-hospital transports, 24 hours a day. Our ambulance and patient transport services are licensed as basic life support, advanced life support and mobile intensive care units. The ambulances are staffed with highly trained registered nurses, paramedics and emergency medical technicians that together offer an average of more than 10 years experience in their respective fields.

Patient’s Services