Lactation Internship Program

Lactation consultation is a growing and important field. Mothers beginning to breastfeed have many questions and need much support. The Health Alliance provides a program for persons interested in gaining clinical experience in lactation to better serve breastfeeding patients’ needs.

The Health Alliance, under the direction of a team of International Board Certified Lactation consultants, offers an individualized clinical rotation for persons interested in gaining clinical hours and in-depth experience in the management of lactation. These internships are designed to provide a variety of experiences for the intern based on the intern’s current level of experience and knowledge. Basic formal lactation education is a prerequisite.

Internship Programs

  1. 100 supervised clinical hours (may include written work and projects). $850 (100 hours = 500 hours toward sitting for the boards.)
  2. 50 supervised clinical hours (may include additional time for written work/projects). $425
  3. A six-hour day of rounds with an International Board Certified Lactation consultant, plus two hours of written work (9.6 – continuing education recognition point (cerps) awarded). $85
  4. A five-hour day of rounds with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant; no cerps or written work involved. $50

Program Requirements

In order to successfully complete the program, participants must:

  1. Establish goals and objectives for the internship prior to the rotation.
  2. Verify health screening, including: Varicella negative status, MMR immunization, negative PPD (for TB) within the past twelve months.
  3. Provide a letter of recommendation for the program.
  4. Provide a brief (up to one page) summary of experience, goals and objectives prior to meeting with the program director (not required for one-day programs).
  5. Sign a confidentiality statement.
  6. Complete the program within a one to six month period.

Additional Information

  1. There may be parking costs at some of the Health Alliance facilities.
  2. Lunch is available in all Alliance cafeterias.
  3. A badge will be provided to you during your internship and returned to us upon the completion of the internship.
  4. Two weeks prior to the 50 and 100 internship, one fourth of the deposit is required. This is non-refundable and will go toward the total program cost, which is payable by the first day of the internship. Fee is payable by the scheduled day for either of the one-day programs.

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