Radiology Resident and Technologist

Radiology opportunities at The University Hospital

The University Hospital Department of Radiology is a large contemporary imaging facility that performs approximately 200,000 examinations a year. The Department has a Radiology Residency program and is the clinical site for the University ‘s two-year Associate Degree program in Radiologic Technology. There are post-graduate fellowships for both physicians and technologists in the specialty areas. The Department currently employs approximately 80 technologists who staff imaging operations in both the main x-ray department and the numerous satellite operations. The Department of Radiology has the following specialized equipment as well as a wide variety of general imaging equipment to supplement it.

Imaging Equipment

Computed Tomography

  • 1 General Electric Multi-Slice, Light Speed, Scanner
  • 1 General Electric Helical Advantage C.T. Scanner
  • 1 Picker PQ 6000 Helical C.T. Scanner

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • 1 General Electric Signa Level 5 Scanner (1.5 Tesla Super-conductive)
  • 2 General Electric LXI (1.5 Tesla Super-conductive, short bore)
  • 1 Hitachi Open Operative/Interventional Magnet (0.3 Tesla Permanent, Open)


  • 2 ATL 5000 Ultrasound Units
  • 2 ATL 3000 Ultrasound Units
  • 1 ATL Ultramark 9 Ultrasound Unit
  • 2 Toshiba Ultrasound Units (1 intraoperative unit and one unit on a mobile service)

Angiography Equipment

  • 1 Siemens Neurostar (biplane neuro- diagnostic unit)
  • 1 Philips Integris Vascular Lab (single plane body imaging unit)
  • 1 Philips ARC-U 14 (single plane body imaging unit)
  • 4 Toshiba Cardiac Cath Units

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • 2 Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Units
  • 6 Radiographic Units
  • 1 Dedicated Chest Unit
  • 6 Dedicated Mammography Units including Digital Mammography and Stereotactic biopsy unit.

The Department of Radiology operates on an organ-based diagnostic operation divided into the following sub-divisions:

  • Neuroradiology
  • Body Imaging
  • Musculoskeletal Imaging
  • Mammographic Imaging
  • Vascular Imaging

The University Hospital Department of Radiology is one of the few medical centers with an advanced Computed Radiography, Image Transmission and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) in place. All portable radiography, emergency department, C.T., M.R. and other applications are included in this system. Many of our studies are read without producing film. Images are sent to the patient units for viewing and to the radiologists for interpretation immediately after processing. Recently, we have added image transmission to The Neurosciences Institute located in our Medical Arts Building .

The department has an ADAC QuadRIS Radiology Information System, which is the official repository of all patient information relating to imaging studies. The department has an extensive local and wide area network for computer applications, e-mail and teaching image storage. Patient reports are available from any hospital computer terminal throughout the Medical Center .

Join Us!

The University Hospital offers a challenging and stimulating environment for technologists who join the staff. The department encourages the continued learning and development of technologists. Radiologists and residents work closely and cooperatively with the technologists and share in the responsibilities of patient care. Technologists are exposed to a wide variety of interventional and cutting-edge procedures that are not seen in many institutions. Multi-competency is supported and rewarded by management. Many of our technologists are competent in multiple specialties and rotate from one area to another. Multi-competent technologists are compensated at a level higher than single competency technologists. Technologists participate in our teaching programs and are expected to offer their expertise to colleagues and students alike. Our technologists are a valuable part of our team and participate in the decision making for the department. We have a very positive reputation nationally and we are looking for good people to help us carry on our tradition.

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