VITAS Inpatient Hospice Unit

At the new 14-bed VITAS inpatient unit, the experienced, responsive team of VITAS hospice professionals works hand in hand with patients’ physicians to provide high-quality, compassionate care for patients with a wide range of life-limiting illnesses.

Of all patients cared for in VITAS inpatient hospice units, 50% have a non-cancer diagnosis.

A walk down the hallway in 2 East Annex at The Fort Hamilton Hospital leads you to the VITAS inpatient hospice unit … much more than a typical hospital floor:

  • Flowers, artwork, a quilt and a couch in patients’ rooms that invite a loved one to come often and even to stay overnight.

  • In the home-like kitchen with stained-glass lighting, cherry cabinets and dinette seating, families can prepare a light meal.

  • In the comfortable lounge, families can relax and find books, board games and videos to keep children content when they come to visit.

While the typical stay for patients in our inpatient hospice unit is four days, a VITAS team also can assist the patient’s caregivers by providing care at home. For patients who don’t have the support they need at home, the unit’s residential beds are available.

We’d be pleased to show you around the facility and answer any questions you have about the ways VITAS can help patients at the end of life and their families … when palliative care is the preferred choice.

Patient Services