Family Birthplace

Your family’s birth place

Expecting an addition to your family? Consider the Family Birthplace at The Fort Hamilton Hospital. Chosen by nearly 1,300 families last year, our experienced staff, childbirth classes and hydrotherapy birthing suites support mothers throughout their pregnancy, labor and delivery. Our beautiful birthing suites, featuring sleeper chairs and bassinets, allow families to stay together in one room for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care.

To provide advanced neonatal services close to home, our Level II Special Care Nursery had added new breathing machines and 24-hour coverage by neonatologists from Children’s Hospital.


Childbirth ClassesPrice
Curious Couples
Meet our staff and begin preparing for your new baby. Pregnancy information and a video will be available along with plenty of time for questions and answers.
Prepared Childbirth
Our four-week series covers normal labor and delivery as well as cesarean procedures, hospital routines, mother/baby care and parenting skills.
Prepared Childbirth for Teens
This class is similar to our Four Week Birth Series, but allows more focus on the special concerns of teens.
Cesarean Births
A class is also available by appointment only.
Childbirth Refresher
Our five-hour course condenses the information of Prepared Childbirth to meet the needs of experienced parents or people who have limited time.
Breastfeeding Class
This course provides valuable assistance to women who plan on breastfeeding, explaining how to get started, the forces of supply and demand and offering tips for returning to work. Fathers and others are encouraged to attend and increase their breastfeeding knowledge and support the new mother.
$10 for both Breastfeeding and Bath Class
Baby Bath Class
See a newborn’s bath up close! Learn skills such as cord care, diapering, dressing and swaddling. All participants must be 14 years or older and free from illness.
$10 for both Breastfeeding and Bath Class
Sibling Class
This one-hour class gets big bothers and sisters prepared for all the excitement that comes along with the arrival of their new sibling.
Sibling in Delivery Class
This class is for families who would like their children present during birth. It will prepare them for what they’ll see and hear during labor and delivery.
Learn infant and child CPR, choking and other safety tips. You will discover how you can save a child’s life in this American Heart Association class.

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