Senior Medical House Call Program

All individuals, regardless of age, have unique health care needs. But as we grow older, these needs become much more complicated as multiple medical problems require treatment from a number of different specialists. And, many elderly patients have physical disabilities that make traveling to a doctor’s office difficult or even impossible.

At The Fort Hamilton Hospital, we believe that such homebound older adults need health care that is coordinated, comprehensive, compassionate and easily accessible. We also believe that family members need support while coping with the overwhelming demands of care giving. That’s why we offer the Senior Medical House Call Program.

What is the Senior Medical House Call Program?

The Fort Hamilton Hospital Senior Medical House Call Program:

  • provides coordinated, compassionate care for homebound elderly patients in selected County neighborhoods.
    • offers physicians and nurse practitioners who deliver medical care, preventive care, urgent care and diagnostic services in the patient’s home.
  • coordinates all primary, specialty and hospital care for the patient.
  • provides education and support for family members, care givers and patients.

Who provides the health care?

Each patient is assigned a care team that includes a board-certified physician and nurse practitioner who:

  • are specially trained in working with older adults.
  • provide regular home visits, allowing for personal interaction with patients.
  • follow patients when they are admitted to the hospital.
  • offer emotional support and counseling to family members and care givers coping with the demands of the patient’s condition.

The care team also includes a coordinator who:

  • coordinates transportation services, appointments, tests and any necessary hospital visits, helping to ease the stress and responsibility of care givers.
  • provides regular communication to the patient’s physician and nurse practitioner, providing patients with a seamless care plan.

Who will be caring for the patients?

Patients will be cared for by a team of Senior Medical House Call physicians and nurse practitioners that have made a commitment to deliver health care in the home setting. This medical team will be led by Omu M. , M.D., who has diverse training that makes her ideally suited to work with older patients with multiple medical problems. She is board certified from The West African College of Physicians. Before coming to the United States, Dr. M had 15 years of experience in clinical proactive in hematology and Oncology in both Nigeria and United Kingdom. She completed her residency in family Practice and a fellowship. She is board eligible in geriatric medicine. Dr. M earned her medical degree from College of Medicine in 1982.

How are hospital stays handled?

  • Senior Medical House Calls physician would be responsible for coordinating medical care during inpatient hospital stays at Fort Hamilton Hospital.
  • Patients needing physical, occupational, speech or recreational therapy are also seen by our specially trained therapists during their hospital stay.
  • Patients needing intensive physical medicine services can also be admitted to Fort Hamilton’s inpatient rehabilitation unit. This unit is ideal for patients needing three or more hours of physical, occupational, speech or recreational therapy a day to help them make the fullest recovery possible.

Who can enroll in the program?

Any elderly person who:

  • has difficulty getting to and from the doctor’s office
  • agrees to have a Senior Medical House Call Program physician serve as his or her primary health care provider
  • is willing and able to assist along with their care giver in their medical care
  • is able to maintain a safe environment within his or her home

Is this program covered by Medicare?

In most cases, the program is covered by Medicare.

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