Label Reading Guidelines:
1. 2 grams fat or less per serving
2. no saturated fats in list of ingredients

Servings Per Day: up to 10

Serving Sizes:
bread                                                 1 slice
diet or light bread                             2 slices
ready-to-eat cereals                        3/4 cup
cooked cereals                                1/2 cup
rice, yolk-free noodles, pasta         1/2 cup cooked
potatoes                                            1 medium or 1/2 cup
soup                                                   1 cup
crackers, snacks                              see package

Helpful Hints:

  1. Most breads and grains are cholesterol-free and very low in fat but they still contain calories. Amounts need to be limited for weight control.
  2. Cereals and whole grain breads can be a good source of fiber. Choose those containing at least 3 grams of fiber in each serving.

Note: If you have high blood sugar, high triglycerdes, or are on a weight-lose diet, limit breads and grains to 6-8 servings per day.

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