Parties, Holidays and Special Occasions

Celebrating without going off your diet can be difficult – but not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you through these special times.

  • Don’t Go Hungry: Eat a light snack before going to the party to curb your appetite.
  • Holiday Cheer: Don’t drink alcoholic beverages before you eat. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, including willpower, and it increases your appetite. Avoid eggnog unless it’s made with egg substitute and skim milk.
  • Tempting Tidbits: Steer clear of fat-laden munchies, such as nuts, chips, cream cheese or sour cream-based dips or spreads. Look for pretzels, fruit or vegetables. Avoid deep-fried or cheesy appetizers.
  • The Buffet Line: Position yourself near the end of the line at party buffets. You will be less likely to go back to the table for seconds.
  • The Choicest Choices: Fill up on lower fat dishes. Take only very small portions of the higher fat items-a taste of something can satisfy you and not ruin all of your good changes.
  • When You Are The Host/Hostess: Don’t be afraid to cut back on the fat every chance you get. Low fat dishes can be jut as attractive and delicious as the higher fat alternatives.
  • When Preparing Those Special Holiday Foods: Try fixing some of your holiday favorites with a little less fat this year. You can remove 25% of the fat from most recipes and they will still look and taste the way they always did.
  • Keep Your Perspective: Be especially careful on your diet when you can – at home and at most restaurants. Don’t use special occasions as an excuse to cheat. Add an extra 10 minutes of exercise when you have “indulged”.
  • Remember: This is the healthy way you eat now, not a diet you will go on and off. An occasional “treat” won’t undo all the good you’ve done.

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Parties, Holidays and Special Occasions

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