Drug Abuse

Why do people abuse drugs?

Genetics – Addictive disorders/diseases/disease tends to be hereditary. Currently researchers are on the way to isolating the genes that influence vulnerability to alcoholism and substance dependence.

Personality – A person’s environment and personality may influence their drinking and using behaviors. Many times people have been dually diagnosed with chemical dependency and depression or anxiety disorders. It is very difficult to decide which came first, sort of like the chicken and the egg. Did the person drink to self medicate feelings of depression or anxiety or did the depression and anxiety begin after their chemical use became out of control. Many times these patients need to be successfully detoxed to see if other symptoms emerge and then treat the other disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Learned Behaviors – Again, chemical dependency is hereditary, so many times people have been predisposed to drinking and using drugs. Therefore there is a high incidence of these behaviors beginning as learned behaviors to deal with day- to-day frustrations.

Cultural, Social or Environmental Factor -There are no boundaries to chemical dependency. All cultures and social groups become chemically dependent. Environmental issues do affect the age of onset and many reasons a person may use.