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Exercising Safely in Cold Weather

Starting or maintaining an exercise regimen outside during the fall and winter seasons can be difficult because of the chilly or downright cold weather. However, exercising outdoors in cold weather can be safe and fun if the proper precautions are taken.

Living with Diabetes

Imagine what it would be like if your body lacked the ability to convert properly the foods you eat to give you the energy you need. For the more than 16 million Americans living with diabetes, that challenge is a daily reality. However, there are more options today than ever before to help those with diabetes lead healthy, active lives.

Coping with Migranes

Understanding what triggers migraines, and communicating your symptoms openly with your physician, can help determine the best treatment for you.

Head Lice

Head lice affects 12 million people each year, mostly children ages 3 -10 and their families. Head lice can be a problem for many elementary schools.

Controlling Your Asthma

Summertime often includes outdoor activities and hot, humid weather, factors that can worsen the symptoms for asthma sufferers.

Preventing and Treating Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

Summertime often includes activities like gardening, hiking, camping and other outdoor sports. Unfortunately, these activities can often bring the itchy rash of poison ivy, oak or sumac. Before venturing outside for your favorite outdoor activity, learn more about these plants.

Ear Infections in Children

Middle ear infections account for up to 30 percent of pediatric office visits in America. A child�s risk of getting ear infections decreases with age, as the structures of the ears enlarge and the immune system becomes stronger.


Approximately one-third of the adult population worldwide suffers from insomnia each year. Without enough sleep, you may experience reduced concentration, irritability, or decreased motor skills and memory.

The ABCs of STDs–Facts for Teens

One out of every eight adolescents gets an STD. Be informed to keep yourself healthy.

Relief from Sinusitis

Approximately 15 percent of Americans suffer from sinusitis, which is a swelling of the sinuses, or air passages behind the cheekbones, eyebrows and jaw.

Controlling High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects more than 50 million Americans, making it one of the most common heart conditions in the United States.

Fever, sore throat, runny nose…sound familiar?

Many illnesses commonly seen during the winter months have similar symptoms. But mistaking one illness for another could lead to extended illness or serious complications.

Taking Care of Dry Skin

The cold winter weather can make your skin dry, chapped or cracked. If you have persistent dryness, see your doctor for help. Otherwise, follow these tips for keeping your skin soft.

Communicating With Your Doctor

As with all successful relationships, honest and open communication is the key to establishing an effective doctor/patient partnership.

Halloween Safety

Halloween should be a fun time, and it can be fun if everyone is safe. Make sure to plan costumes carefully and to examine all treats before eating them.

Don’t Forget Checkups in Your Back-to-School Planning

During an annual checkup, your doctor will make sure your child is meeting all relevant growth development and preventive care measures for his or her age–including making sure that all appropriate immunizations are up to date.

Facing the Challenges of Aging

Although aging can be challenging, there’s a lot we can do to stay “young at heart.”

Summer Safety 101

Summer can be fun — but make sure you’re prepared to deal with some of summer’s most common ailments.

Taking the Fear Out of Going to the Doctor’s Office

Alleviate your child’s fears of going to the doctor and help build trust with the physician by taking the time to prepare for the visit.

A Not-So-Welcome Return for Allergies

Allergies can have symptoms similar to the common cold. Your physician can test for allergies and prescribe helpful medication.

Cold or Flu? The Question of the Season

Both the cold and the flu are caused by viruses, and both are very contagious, but the symptoms are quite different.

Beware of Fad Diets

High protein diets may promise quick and easy weight loss methods, but these benefits are not without health risks.

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