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RICE to the Rescue for Ankle Sprains

According to the National Safety Council, if you can walk after your fall, you probably won’t need to see a doctor. But if your ankle swells immediately and you can’t walk on it, the ligament may be ruptured or the ankle broken. In that case medical attention will be necessary.

Bow Legs, Knock-knees: Are They “Normal?”

Two curvatures of the leg are so common that they have been given names: bowlegs and knock-knees. Do you wonder whether these conditions can, or should, be treated in order to straighten them or prevent orthopedic problems later in life?

Back Pain: The Universal Ailment

Back pain is the most frequent cause of lost work in adults under the age of 45.

Osteonecrosis: A Disabling Condition with Little Warning

With osteonecrosis of the hip, your blood vessels gradually cut off nourishment to the top of the thighbone (femur), where it fits into the hip socket. Without blood, the head of your femur dies and collapses.

Bone Cancer

Most tumors of the bone are benign; they do not spread and are not life threatening. Very rarely, however, bone tumors are malignant.

Physical Therapy for Children

Physical therapy brings help and hope to 250,000 babies born with developmental disabilities, and to another 1.5 million children hospitalized because of accidents, congenital disease and other related injuries.

Rotator Cuff Tears

More than 4 million Americans seek medical care annually for shoulder problems. One of the most common shoulder problems in middle-aged people is rotator cuff tear.

Knee Injuries in Female Athletes

ACL injuries follow somewhat different patterns for women than for men participating in the same sport. In fact, ACL injuries for female basketball and soccer players is much greater.

Questions and Answers about Joint Replacement

Joint replacement refers to the surgical removal of an arthritic or damaged joint and replacement with an artificial joint called a prosthesis. Hip and knee replacements are the most common types, but joint replacement can be performed on the ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow and fingers. Get all of your questions answered.

Best Foot Forward

Orthopedic disorders are the leading cause of inactivity and disability in the United States. If you want to be fit, take care of your feet.

Plantar Fasciitis

Severe pain in your heel may be a symptom of plantar fascitis, an ‘overuse injury’ affecting the sole of your foot.

Sprained or “Gamekeeper’s” Thumb

An automatic reflex when falling is to break the fall with your hands; however, this can result in injuries to the main thumb ligament. This ligament stabilizes the thumb joint and provides the ability to pinch and grasp. This injury is often referred to as “gamekeeper’s thumb.”

Injections May Alleviate Mild to Moderate Arthritis Pain

Corticosteroid injections have been helping arthritis sufferers for years. The injections serve as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the swelling and pain within the arthritic joint, and benefits may last up to three months.


Scoliosis affects about two percent of the population. This occurs in girls more often than boys. An orthopedic spine surgeon or pediatric orthopedic surgeon is the most knowledgeable and qualified physician to diagnose, monitor, and treat this condition.

How Orthotics Help

Orthotics refers to the design and fitting of supportive braces and splints that are needed by persons with disabling conditions of the limbs or spine.

Seek Help Promptly for Bone and Joint Infections

Watch for symptoms of bone and joint infections. Then get to a doctor for prompt diagnosis and treatment to prevent infections from destroying bone tissue or spreading to other parts of the body.

Stretch Yourself

Stretching can make you feel better and able to do more things–and it can help prevent muscle injuries.

Preventing and Controlling Shin Splints

Shin splints, a common disorder among runners, are painful injuries resulting from damage to the muscles along the shin.

Young Ballerinas – Don’t Push Too Hard

Young athletes–especially females–become victims of “the female triad,” a phrase used for excessive exercise, amenorrhea, and eating disorders.

Total Hip Replacement

The goal of hip replacement is to relieve the pain in the joint caused by the damage done to the cartilage. Total hip replacement is considered if other treatment options do not relieve your pain and disability.

Knee, Hip Pain May Not Be Arthritis

Osteo arthritis is a very common cause of knee and hip pain, but there are many other musculoskeletal disorders that can also cause pain.

ACL Injury and Treatment

Treatment options depend upon age, but 95% of people suffering from ACL injuries return to their previous level of activity after recovery.

Pilates Exercise

This exercise style may accelerate rehabilitation or increase toning and fitness in those dissatisfied with their current regimen.

New Ankle Replacement Implant Provides Long Term Solution to Old Problem

Patients with severely damaged ankles now have a better solution to an old problem with the new Agility Total Ankle System.

Identifying, Preventing and Treating Stress Fractures

About 10 million sports injuries occur annually. A great many of these are injuries to runners; one of the most common injuries is stress fractures of the foot.

Home Remedies for Arthritis

There may be alternatives to your traditional treatment. Read this and learn more; then see what will work best for you.

Knuckle Cracking

According to physicians, knuckle-crackers are doing no harm to themselves.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a condition — which has been described since 1900 — that occurs in amateur as well as the professional athlete without prejudice, and is feared by both.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of compression of the forearm’s median nerve.

Diabetics Have Special Foot Care Needs

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause nerve damage and a loss of sensation in the feet.

Good Habits for Bones

By age 60, women have lost 35 – 50% of their bone mass and men have lost 20 – 35%.

Should Children Lift Weights?

K. R., P.T., A.T.C., director of The Christ Hospital Sports Medicine Institute, agrees with several fitness organizations that now say strength training is okay for children, provided it’s done correctly and the program is tailored to the needs of their growing bodies.

Knee Injuries — Cartilage Tears

Cartilage injuries in the knees, also known as meniscal tears, are common both in sports and in daily activities.

Preventing Head Injuries When “Heading” the Soccer Ball

Studies have shown that soccer players sustain cumulative head injuries from improper heading of the ball, very similar to those injuries seen in boxers.

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

When the New Year arrives, many of us make resolutions to exercise more and work off those extra pounds gained during the holiday season.

Bursitis Another Pain for Athletes

Jumping into a strenuous workout regimen can lead to bursitis, a common overuse injury in athletes and those starting new workout routines.

Concussions: Just How Serious Are They?

Unfortunately, this often means injuries of all sorts, including head injuries. And the most common head injury is a concussion.


Tendons are tough bands of connective tissue which attach to the bone.

Stay Strong and Stay Healthy

Patients with severely damaged ankles now have a better solution to an old problem with the new Agility Total Ankle System.

Aerobic Exercise Within Your Target Heart Rate Zone

It not only strengthens your heart and lungs, but it also provides positive mental benefits.

Avoiding Baseball and Softball Injuries

But before athletes pick up their bat or glove to get their rusty winter bodies back in shape, they should prepare their bodies for their sport.

Exercising In Cold Weather

You’ve made your New Year’s resolution to get in shape, and you’re willing to work out . . . but come on! It’s cold out there!

Selecting an Exercise Program

An ideal exercise program should be comprised of three components: aerobic, strengthening, and stretching.

Athletes and Nutrition

To maximize athletic performance, a varied and balanced diet is essential.

Sports Shoes

The function of the sport shoe is to protect the foot from the stresses of running and training, while permitting the athlete to achieve his or her maximum potential.

Strength Training What Can It Do For You?

Recent studies have shown that a challenging, progressive strength training program can build muscles and increase strength in men and women of all ages.

Coping with a Common Ache

The muscles in the abdomen and back that support the spine weaken and get out of shape.

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